6 Replies to “Tuesday 9th March 2021 International Women’s Day”

  1. Tonight’s session was special as the topic was women that inspired you and it was heart warming to hear and listen to the ladies talk on the women inspirators were our sister our mother’s our grandmothers not any famous celebrity but our own flesh and blood awesome and how special

  2. Celebrating interesting woman’s day was a truly joyous interaction.
    The only thing that would make it better would be to be physically together so we could seal it with a proper hug.
    Honouring each other is a magnificent exercise. Biodanza was the perfect vehicle for this occasion. Heartfelt gratitude to Yahweh and all you ladies taking part. To Ingrid and Lola.
    Peace ☮️ & Love to ALL.

  3. What a beautiful session as we celebrated our mother’s and grandmother s. Yes famous black women have gone on before and paved the way for us, but nothing beats the love and joy that you can get from family . Stay blessed ❤️

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