Cancer! “Don’t Let It Win.”

Tuesday 16th November 2021

Zoom presentation by Jeff Thompson

@ 6.45pm (UK)

T.R.U.S.T (Trust, Respect, Unity, Strength and Togetherness) is a cancer support group providing practical and emotional support to people living with and affected by cancer. The group is open to everyone but has a particular focus on engaging with BAME and marginalised groups affected by cancer.

  • Join Jeff sharing his experience with prostate cancer and understanding what men are going through while suffering with prostate cancer .

What is prostate cancer?

How it affects a man’s mental state of mind

How women can support their partners with it

Register your interest to attend this zoom session on Tuesday 16th November 2021 @ 6.45 pm via the registration link below. Zoom ID details will be sent to you a few days before the meeting session.

194 Replies to “Cancer! “Don’t Let It Win.””

  1. This was such an inspiring story. Most persons only show interest in the topic of cancer when it hits home but it really is something that needs to be discussed more openly. Jeff was very open and honest and it really was a pleasure to have joined this conversation. I learned so much.

  2. Thank you for being so transparent Jeff. I had no idea what PC entailed and the length of the healing process, this is all new to me. I am encouraged to speak to the men in my about this in more depth. Thank you again.

  3. Greetings Jeff, Gratitude to you for sharing your journey following your diagnosis of prostrate cancer. I hope you continue to share your precious experience with others, at the same time providing education about it. Your talk was so very inspirational and emotionally tangible. May God continue to give you strength.

  4. It was a pleasure to participate in such an important event for men and the women in their lives. Prostate cancer as we all know is a silent killer and it doesn’t just affect to physical but your mental state of mind. Prostate Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence this is why I always believe, early detection is the best protection #cancerdontletitwin

  5. Correction from my previous comment.

    “Prostate cancer as we all know is a silent killer and it doesn’t just affect you physically, but mentally also.”

  6. This was a very open, informative and concise presentation on Prostate Cancer. The sharing of ones personal experience was very powerful.
    Many Thanks Jeff for being open and honest. Also thanks to T.R.U.S.T Cancer Support for setting up this important event.

  7. Thanks for the invite to attend this evening “Cancer Don’t Let It Win” session, this session was very informative. It is a very good idea to reach out to the young males because some of them are reluctant and ambarass to speak out about this conditions. I trust this meeting will continue aleast once per month, hoping that they will unterlise this platform and seek help.

  8. Thank you T.R.U.S.T for hosting the meeting with Jeff Thompson, it was very insightful.
    I don’t think there was enough time. I would like to suggest a part two session with Jeff I felt he had more to say.

  9. Oh my goodness, Jeff didn’t hold back. He was honest, speaking of his experience and the knowledge he gained throughout his journey. I felt inspired and empowered. So informative and educational. Great session.

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