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T.R.U.S.T Trust Respect Unity Strength Togetherness

The Start of T.R.U.S.T Cancer Support Group

 It was early in February 2020 that several MoE members registered to attend the Houses of Parliament to speak with parliamentarians, Macmillan staff, NHS Professional as well as others from various organisations who are pushing for changes to improve the lives of people living with cancer. Unfortunately, we were unable to fulfill that engagement due to over subscription, however, not  to disappoint those that registered to attend, Lee Townsend,  support worker for the Croydon BME Forum, organised a meeting at the Croydon Wellness Centre where  MoE cancer support group -T.R.U. S.T. (Trust, Respect, Unity, Strength and Togetherness) was launched.

MoE are thankful to their supporters, Social Prescribing and the Croydon BME Forum, and guest speakers Lee Townsend, Bennie Millier and Cheryl Johnson. 

T.R.U.S.T. Cancer Support Group Supporters


To increase confidence, get information and be guided into the right right direction in a confidential environment.


To provide a safe space where people feel free to speak about the issue of cancer and get support.

T.R.U.S.T. Cancer Support Group Foundation Members:


Dorothy Johnson

Blondell Bennett

Cynthia Henry

Marjorie Alleyne

Beverley Herbert

Roland Johnson

Norma Thoma

Jocelyn Styles

Gloria Williams

Lurline Deslandes

Some of Our Guest Speakers

Inspirational and Motivational

Norma MacDowell

Trust Launch

March 2020

Jade Hendricks

TRUST Launch

March 2020

Roland Johnson


March 2020

T.R.U.S.T. Cancer Support Group Guest Speakers:

Lee Townsend Benny Millier Cheryl Johnson