MoE Board of Management 2020 - Trustees

Dorothy Johnson

Founder and Chair

I thank all the volunteers, members, supports, funders, partner organisations and beneficiaries for being part of MoE. God bless you all.

Faith Thomas

Vice Chair

I find the online cooperation of individuals coming together of one accord very heartening and spiritually strengthening.

Natalie Rigg

Board Member

MoE has impacted myself and others in many ways. I am privileged to be a part of this empowering community group and will support in every way I can.

Charlene Nelson

Board Member (Trinidad & Tobago)

Conference calls not only allow me to engage at Board level but to participate in sessions that improve communication skills and build confidence. It is also a safe environment where we can speak of painful issues and ask for prayer.

Lurline Deslandes

Board Member and Catering Team

I am a listening ear for the ladies who need advice. MoE has helped me to cope with some very tragic issues in my life. The drop-in sessions have also helped me to meet new people and learn new skills.

Nicola Dryden

Board Member

My hope for the future of MoE is that it will find a way to make a deeper impact, so that those from even more diverse walks of life can have a positive influence in their lives and they in turn can give their unique voices, making it more cohesive and more like an extended family.

Angelica Dalrymple

Board Member (Jamaica)

MoE continues to be a reliable source of varied and relevant programmes as well as effective services that foster upliftment and promote healthy lifestyles of the people it serves.

Gloria Williams

Board Member

I have enjoyed sharing, playing games, taking part in drama and helping to support others using humour to break barriers and build confidence and self-esteem.

Min Althea Smith

Board Member

I have served in the capacity as counsellor, preparing and delivery of workshops, presentations along with assisting in the planning of events. I am really honoured to be a part of MoE and look forward to great things ahead.

Veronica Russell

Board Member

My aim is to give biblical insight and practical day to day strategies to help individuals to improve their lifestyles through monthly prayer conference calls and some spring retreats. I hope that you all continue to engage in the services of MoE.

Caroline Thomas-Asante

Board Member

MoE has had a profound impact on individuals and communities for more than two decades. It will continue to grow from strength to strength as more people get involved. Long may MoE continue to bless and be blessed in all project areas.

Jennifer Wilson

Board Member

Welcoming new board member Jennifer – January 2020

Sharon Bailey

Board Member

Welcoming new board member Sharon – January 2020