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Monthly Drop In Sessions

Enabled participants to gain and improve their self-confidence. 

Provides a caring, friendly and inviting forum where participants meet others from the wider community whilst forming friendships in a safe environment. 


This is sponsored by Croydon LVP. The pandemic lockdown meant sessions were delivered via Zoom, but persons registered received a tea set delivery complete with cups, saucers, teas and biscuits so all could enjoy afternoon tea together. Isolation and loneliness is cancelled for those few hours every first and third Monday of every month.

Laughter and Togetherness

The various Zoom sessions have brought about opportunities for sharing, fun, laughter, support and encouragement. Zoom sessions have been funded by the Locagiving Coronavirus Fund.

Themes have included: 

  • Love – and how to deal with relationships and the end of them
  • Favourite music
  • Racial injustice and how to resolve
  • Music Sharing
  • Debates, discussions

See our Chair Exercises and join us on Zoom

"A wonderful way to have fun and enjoy a healthy activity. Our instructor is such a good instructor and we look forward to her sessions."