Read all about it….Something new!

Twice a month along with other volunteers, Jay volunteers for the Ministry of Empowerment – Woman2woman Empower2Engage project, at the BME Wellness Center in Croydon.

Jay is a dental phobic.. has to be knocked out to have any work done. She hates marmite but she just loves
helping people and being useful. When she smiles 😅 others smile.

Jay’s volunteer tagline is, “Ask Me!, I am here to help.” So Jay was asked to write a blog for the Empower2Engage project. She Said yes. I wonder why? Read Jay’s blog to find the answer.

The first person that sends the correct answer can collect their prize at our next session on Monday 18th July 2022.

Here’s Jay’s first blog.

On Monday 11th July 2022, Afternoon Tea was extra special.. Why you ask? cos our lovely Sis Dorothy was present, such a surprise n as they say, a sight for sore eyes. I watched members as they entered the Wellness Centre, and saw the expressions of shock, and surprise 🙂 on their faces. I watched them as they stumbled towards her, the hugs and questions..’Is it really you ‘ and all thanking God for preserving her.

She quickly brought us to attention like a judge bringing order and like children we gave her our attention. Introductions were made by way of a brain teaser. ‘Turn to someone you don’t know and find out three things about them. Register went round. She walked the room like the teacher she is, with tongue twisters,  that to my distress I have forgotten.  😆 ‘Larry likes to relax 🤣…something or other…’  The volunteers moved among members supplying refreshments. Sis Althea sat alone in the back, camera at the ready. ..’Cos, she doesn’t like us foreigners’ was thrown in her direction.

The word search was handed out and Sis Beverly received a food package as the winner in completing the most words. Yours truly was blindsided, didn’t see the words at the bottom, but next time Sis, the challenge is on.  The raffle was done and winners happily collected their prizes that were creatively packaged by Enid Thomas.

Jay spoke on the forthcoming vacation to 🦃.

The brief exercise session was hilarious as chosen people were invited to the centre and we proved to be an extremely flexible lot. Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell watch out. Indeed!

All in all, it was, as I said in the beginning extra special with lots of good medicine. Laughter 🤣🤣🤣.

This is my first blog ever, so be nice. Have to add that..didn’t want to do it but Teacher will fine me otherwise..She luvs to fine big time.. Promise to do better next time, Teach.

Signing out.

Jay Hendricks

Empower2Engage (E2E) project provides activities to:

-reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness experienced by over 55s,

-offers opportunities to socialise, meet new people and develop friendships

-engage empowering and inspiring guest Speakers

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