Preserved to Serve Virtual Conference 27th to 27th November 2020

What ever your reason for being in fellowship with us throughout the weekend, we pray that during the course of the sessions, you felt encouraged and empowered.

This is a free virtual conference. However, please feel free to donate or give a love offering that will enable us to deliver future events and towards the sustainability of this empowering ministry.

We trust that you have been blessed.

Kindly leave your comments below.

2 Replies to “Preserved to Serve Virtual Conference 27th to 27th November 2020”

  1. I am confident that God had orchestrated the PRESERVED TO SERVE VIRTUAL CONFERENCE 2020

    Testimonies we’re real personal experiences.

    Each presenter enlightened awareness and understanding of Perserved to Serve.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference although I did not join on the Friday I joined on the other two days. What joyous sessions, it was good to see all the oversees attendees and joined in the chosen topics.
    The youth session was eye opening what a wonderful engaging time was had. God bless them all.
    All in all it was a wonderful time spent in communication with God and others

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