AFTERNOON TEA-EMPOWER 2 ENGAGE – Monday 12th October 2020 @ 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Don’t forget to bring along your cuppa….

First time to MoE Zoom sessions? Then please sign up by clicking on the zoom registration link button.

Once you have registered your interest to join our Empower2Enage Afternoon Tea monthly Zoom sessions, you will receive an email or a WhatsApp message letting you know:

  • Session Title
  • Session time and date
  • Link & Session ID (Which may change each session)

To keep up to date with news and upcoming events, sign up to ‘See What’s Happening at MoE email weekly updates here.

46 Replies to “AFTERNOON TEA-EMPOWER 2 ENGAGE – Monday 12th October 2020 @ 2.00pm – 4.00pm”

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